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Friday Links

Friday is here. Rejoice.

Blues news

  • Vroom vroom All-Rookie team. [Blues]
  • Andy Murray = a loser. At least Thursday he was. [StL Post]
  • Telling you shit Hildymac already did, the Blues and Tkachuk are close on a new deal. [StL Post]
  • I like Keith Tkachuk, but enough with the leader shit. He's being brought back because he scored on the power play. If it was all about leadership, Dan Hinote would never have to retire. [StL Post]
  • Brett Hull is up for the Hall of Fame. He should be a shoo-in. [National Post]

Hockey news

  • The list of Award winners is ... here. [ESPN]
  • A look back at the award show. [Puck Daddy]
  • Goride Howe is sick of taking about Sidney Crosby. [TSN]
  • Jim Balsillie blah blah Coyotes blah blah Hamilton. [ESPN]
  • Leave it to the NHL to take a good idea and fuck it up. [ESPN]
  • The Sedins are fucking delusional. [TSN]
  • The Kansas City Coyotes? (Thanks Andy) [The Hockey News]

Other links

  • From NatetheGreat, an honest commercial. [Consumerist]
  • This is nightmare fuel. []
  • A man was getting cornrows when he got caught. His mugshot is awesome. I went to high school with a kid who wore his hair similar to that ... he callled it a half-row. [Buzzfeed]


I like the original Jurassic Park better, but this is still good.

PCS is here this weekend. I will be at a wedding. Drinking. Heavily. Enjoy. Gametimelinks (at)