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Monday Links

My weekend was awesome. Hope you guys had a good one as well. Let's get back to the grizzy.

Blues news

  • Bernie says the Blues are closing the gap on the Red Wings. Will Wings fans go nuts? [StL Post]
  • What do you think? They're Wings fans. [MLive]
  • From the no shit department, the Blues aren't looking to find a goalie in the draft that can help now. [StL Post]

Hockey news

  • Brent Sutter is joining his brother in Calgary, at least that's what reports say. [ESPN]
  • Mats Sundin won't be playing in the 2010 Olypmics. How nice that he thought he would be invited. [ESPN]
  • Chris Chelios also won't be playing, but he will be involved. [CTV]
  • The Canucks could be the Blues in a few years with the young talent wanting money. Just a heads up. [Nucks Misconduct]

Other links


From the great and wise Milo: "I think Donut King and anyone over 30 will appreciate this." I disagree. All will appreciate this. 

Be back Tuesday. Gametimelinks (at)