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NHL Entry Draft Friday Night

The NHL Entry Draft begins Friday night at 6 pm local time, but unless you're going to Montreal, a Direct TV subscriber or sitting in a bar that gets the NHL Network or Versus, you won't be seeing the proceedings live. Which for some isn't that big of a deal. After all, the Blues are drafting lower than they have since the year after the lockout (T.J. Oshie; 24th overall in 2005), the Blues are unlikely to make a huge splash on the trade front, and, well, most people don't know most of the kids about to be picked outside of John Tavares and Vivtor Hedman.

So we don't blame you if you're not looking for a place to be.

But on the other hand, there has been a real dearth of actual Blues news (Dany Heatley rumors do not count; we said 'actual' news) so seeing some real hockey talk on TV could be interesting. Plus, any opportunity to get together with fellow Blues fans is always welcomed for those of us who don't bow down at the Altar of the Redbird in this town. Another plus? You were probably gonna drink anyway, why not do it around people for a change?

We've heard some rumblings, but still haven't decided how we're spending Friday night (drinking with people or by ourselves again), so we figured we take your temperature via poll. Let us know, cool kids, what're you doing on Friday night?