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Tuesday Links

Everyone at work got paid Thursday ... but me. Awesome happy time! Don't worry, didn't get fired. They just "forgot." Let's see some links.

Blues news

  • Like SBNation. the Blues have a draft page. Check it out for all kinds of cool stuff that can waste an afternoon. [Blues]
  • T.J. Oshie and David Perron are used as examples of two types of draft picks: the college-kid and the NHL-ready kid. You know things are going well when your low-first round picks are success stories and used as models. [The Hockey News]
  • Dave Checketts and Bill DeWitt III want St. Louis to kick ass. Since DeWitt owns the Cards, feel free to comment about them in this post. It's ok. [Bizjournals]

Hockey news

  • Brett Hull: Hall of Famer. Why is he working for Dallas? [Duluth News Tribune]
  • I hate TSN for using a pic of Hull as a Wing in this Hall-of-Fame story. [TSN]
  • Chris Chelios is done in Detroit. He should be done anywhere, but he wants to keep being a healthy scratch. [ESPN]
  • Jerry Reinsdorff, winner with the Bulls and White Sox, wants to buy the Coyotes. [ESPN]
  • John Tavares is the No. 1 pick ... according to TSN. [TSN]
  • Looks like it will by the Flyers and Bruins in the Winter Classic. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

  • The staged fighting rule will never happen. [PensBurgh]

Other things

This kid is a reminder of why I don't want kids. [I am bored]

I'm worth 9 goats. Beat that. [How Many Goats?]



Continuing the Jim Henson theme of the week ... NatetheGreat. sends along metal Cookie Monster. Rock out, sir.

If you've got some videos or stuff for the other links section, hook me and PCS up. gametimelinks (at)