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Wednesday Links


Blues news

Hockey news

  • Free Agency: It begins soon. Here's a look at some forwards that will be on the market. [ESPN]
  • Hull won't be going into the Hall alone. [ESPN]
  • If you are watching the draft, here's a guide to see through the bull shit announcer speak. [Orland Kurtenblog]
  • German hockey player would rather have sex than pee in a cup. [Puck Daddy]
  • I'm glad the Blues owners don't suck. [TSN]
  • Fresh off losing a Game 7 at home, Mike Babcock has been tabbed to lead the canucks in the Olympics. [CTV Olympics]

Other links

  • Listen ... do you smell something? (If you get this reference we can be friends.) [The Art of Manliness]
  • From Donut King: Don't fall asleep getting a tattoo -- if that's even possible with a face tat. UPDATE FROM DONUT KING: She lied. [MSNBC]
  • Dooks offers a game: Guess the grunt to see if its a tennis star or a XXX star. Maybe wait until you get home to play this. Its SFW, but has some unsafe sound.  [COED Magazine]


Thelonious Dunk gives us a song to jam too ... with a twist.

Enjoy hump day. Stay gold, ponyboy. gametimelinks (at)