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Thursday Links

I can't wait for the weekend. Just a few more hours of work.

Blues news

  • Today's draft lesson: Good scouting finds good players like David Perron late in the first round. [Metro News]
  • Jarmo takes the best player, regardless of position. That's why he's the best. [StL Post]
  • While "Eklund's" Wednesday deal has come and gone, Dany Heatley is not on the Blues -- but they are apparently still interested. [Edmonton Sun]
  • Large Ben will be down with the Rivermen next year. (H/T Hildymac) [Rotowire]

Hockey news

  • ESPN continues its look at free agents with D-Men. ... [ESPN]
  • ... and goalies. [ESPN]
  • Chris Chelios: You're done. Take the hint. [ESPN]
  • Draft storylines that don't have to do with young boys. [ESPN]
  • Alex Daigle is John Tavares and Victor Hedman is Chris Pronger? Interesting comparison. [TSN]
  • Should Eric Lindros be in the Hall of Fame? As long as his bust has little birdies flying around his head, I'll vote yes. [Puck Daddy]
  • Marian Gaborik is tight with Pavol Demitra and is home shopping in Vancouver ... but he totally might come back to the Wild. [Star Tribune]

Other links

  • Woman receives chips in exchange for giving out a beej (not a Crombeen). Hildy with the burn: "And this one, well... she doesn't need the chips." [The Smoking Gun]
  • A blog where a guy aska random and dumb questions on Yahoo! answers. [Fun with Yahoo! Answers]
  • I usually don't like lists, but this one is A) about moustaches and B) has Andy Murray on it. []


My rec'd videos on youtube are either hockey fights or keyboard cat. Today I found this. It's painfully awkward but I got a laugh out of it. Enjoy.