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NHL Entry Draft: Draft Day Open Thread

Seems a little silly to call this a Game Day Thread, so leave it to us to find something even more awkward to call it.

But the fact remains the same: today is one of the most exciting days of the summer for the hardcore hockey fan and we're gonna need an open thread to talk about the draft, the trades and the kids who get picked, especially whatever lucky youngster gets to walk up to the stage and pull on a Bluenote for the first time.

If the real draft goes anything like the SBN Hockey mock draft, there could be some interesting story lines (how the shit did our buddy Dom bring himself to draft a kid with Rangers' bloodlines?)

Any breaking Blues news, whether it be a trade or a pick, will be given its own story on the front page, but this will be your home for all the jokin' and smokin' you can handle.

Let's Go Blues!