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NHL Draft Day Two: Draft Day Thread

Warning: This is only for the hardcore! If you find yourself spending your Saturday commenting in this post like some sort of maniac then you probably have some sort of hockey problem. To steal a line from The Onion, you're like a chocoholic, only for hockey. And probably alcohol. That's not scientifically proven, just a hunch we have based on our own studies in the field. The 'field' being 1) down at the DrinkScotch Center and 2) our own homes.

But whatever; that's for later in some sort of beachy, breezy, court-mandated 60-day stay at some recovery center. What's important for now is that in the middle of the summer, in the middle of a blazing St. Louis 103-degree, 278% humidity day, we have hockey coverage that starts at 9 a.m. and runs until 5 p.m. So what if most of it is blather and drivel? It's our blather and drivel. We know what they mean when they say something retarded like, "He's a boom-or-buster everyone! He could be Mike Green or he could be Lars Jonsson!"

Never mind that Mike Green should hardly be the benchmark for, well, much of anything at this point or even that Lars Jonsson is ridiculous reference point. Here's what we're talking about: There's lots of good young players left and the Blues have been downright silly at selecting talented kids in the middle rounds (Aaron Palushaj, Brett Sonne, Jake Allen, Ben Bishop, Jay McClement, David Fucking Backes, Philip McRae and others leap to mind) as well as in the rounds beyond (Roman Polak, he of the sick NHL skills, neither Roman nor Polish ancestry and righteous Twitter feed, for one).

So what are we saying here? This is what we're saying here: Bring it on you bastards. If you've ever needed a reason to drink in the middle of the day or to call a timeout from the weekend joy of heading over to Home Depot for some flooring after you make a run to Bed, Bath & Beyond, this is it.

Plus, you never know if the Blues will find a way to draft Cammi Granato's step-son, mini-Parm. If it happens and you miss it, you know you'll be pissed.

If you need a doctor's note to slip to your spouse or boss, drop us a line. We don't want to say too much, but we got our hands on a prescription pad when we were in Canada last month and that bitch comes in handy.

This is your Draft Day Thread.