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Monday Links

Monday? Again. What the fuck. Didn't we just have a Monday. Let's link some shit.

Blues news

  • Didn't get enough from the draft? Norm Sanders has got more. [BND]
  • JR at the Post also has some draft wrap up. I love the reasoning for picking Max Tardy. Also, the comments are a delight. The bad news about the Blues getting good again? Cards fans paying attention who don't understand how things work. [STLtoday]

Hockey news

  • Gotta love grading the draft ... since you know exactly who is going to pan out and no one ever sucks/will break through. Sigh. [ESPN]
  • The Cap for next season has been set. [TSN]
  • Father's Day came a week late for Ray "Chicken Parm" Ferraro. Sucks his son is a Wing. [TSN]
  • Don't look for maid Marian Hossa to be wearing the Winged Wheel next year. [Freep]


Other links

  • In news that only I may care about, its not just the newspaper business that is hurting in the journalism field. Although, I can't really call some of these TV folk journos. []
  • It's always sad when the world loses a great beard. Here are some Billy Mays videos. [Gunaxin]
  • Learning the art of drunk fighting? I know a few people this would help. [Craigs List]
  • Poop. Lots of poop. [Manofest]




This is one of my favorite videos, and what my fridge looks like (not really). Language gets a little raw. Probably not safe for work, unless you work for the Klan and the N-bomb is kosher at your work. I really hope none of you work for the Klan, by the way.


That's it for today kids. Just a heads up so you adjust your linking schedules: I will be on vacation starting Wednesday. With PCS down by the Lake, look for small link posts on Thursday and Friday. Milo, don't be surprised if they are up later than 6 a.m. Until Tuesday ...