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Thursday Links

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Today is payday for me. Awesome. Links?

Blues news

  • This is stretching for Blues news but ... John Davidson talks about the Coyotes situation. He is ALWAYS quoted at these things. [The Globe and Mail]

Hockey news

  • Game 4 of the Cup Final is tonight. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • The Pens are hoping to not repeat last season. [TSN]
  • The race for the Conn Smyth is heating up. [TSN]
  • ESPN's lone hockey fan breaks down every player in the finals. [ESPN]
  • Pavel Datsyuk practiced, but will he play? [ESPN]
  • Speaking of Dats, he comes from a long line of funny Russians. [Puck Daddy]
  • Max Talbot: Mr. June? [PensBurgh]
  • In non-Cup news ... the times, they are a changin in Colorado. [TSN]
  • Ray Emery will more than likely be back in the NHL this season. [CSN]
  • What happens to hat trick hats? [Puck Daddy]
  • The creepy Sedins are going to wait a bit to start talking new deal. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Coyotes news will bookend our hockey coverage. [Puck Daddy]

Other links

  • This is hockey-related, but it belongs down here because ... well its about Peeps. Thanks PCS for not taking the week off. [On Frozen Blog]
  • Game for today from Andy: Whack the Penguin.[Whack the Penguin]
  • From DanGNR: "Glad I don't live in the UK.". [Daily Mail]
  • Also from DanGNR: "Russians aren't what they used to be...." [MosNews]
  • Kraig passes along a daily ... oh Michigan story. [Yahoo! News]
  • If you live in Chicago, please do this. Please. [Jalopnik]


Dooks was inspired by the Transforminator enough to pass along this awesome video.

The week is almost over. I am over-joyed. Hit me and PCS up at gametimelinks (at) You were always taught to share ...