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Saturday Links

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It's 6 AM on a Saturday. The regular crowd shuffles in.

Hope Friday night went well for you. Let's get to the links.

Blues News

NHL News


Other Stuff

  • How many times is that damn PCS gonna put something about bacon in the links? (Thanks, King of Donuts)
  • Even though we missed National Doughnut Day, I'm sure we can celebrate a day late. (Again, thanks to DK)
  • Dooks helps us understand the MLK bridge changes (it's a big concrete median)
  • Next time we see Donut King he might be wearing this.
  • A story of a robbery. Kind of heartwarming, kind of pathetic.
  • As we seem to have our share of Mizzou and Illinois fans, this should piss off both sides. The football rivalry ends after 2010


Beware of the Penguins

You all enjoy your Saturday. Gametimelinks (at)