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Tuesday Links

Monday, one day. Tuesday ... two day. Let's click some links.

Blues news

  • The Blues are auctioning off more game-use jerseys. If I had money, I would get the CHRIS HOLT! one and just walk around with my arms raise saying CHRIS HOLT! all the time. [St. Louis Blues - Auctions]
  • The Blues are gearing up for the draft. We have been for a few weeks now. Thanks GTPD! [Blues]
  • This guy works for the Blues, but doesn't do his good luck cheer before Blues games? Get it on Checketts. [Lebanon Daily News]
  • Blues prospect Aaron Palushaj talks with a blog.[Faceoff Boards]

Hockey news

  • Game 6 is tonight. Go Pens. Please.
  • Home-ice advantage. It's real. Or is it? Yes. Or maybe not ...[TSN]
  • Game 5 was all about the special teams. Game 6 will probably be about special teams.[Bob McKenzie]
  • The Penguins aren't panicking.[Darren Dreger]
  • The Penguins don't need a hero.[PensBurgh]
  • Elimination games bring out the cliches.[ESPN]
  • The Wings can't show the game on the jumbo-tron. Thanks NBC.[Det News]
  • Former Blue Marty Reasoner is going to stay with the Thrashers.[CBC]
  • Today's Coyotes news.[TSN]
  • Andy finds Pierre McGuire creepy. I agree.[Awful Announcing]

Other links


If only Manny Legace had this ...

Two days down, three days left in the week. Hope Tuesday is good. Gametimelinks (at)