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Wednesday Links

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Before we begin, let's all wish a Happy Birthday to Poor College Student. Happy birthday, internet friend. Hope the Blues get you a nice gift.

Also, Happy Canada Day.

Blues news

  • The Blues are looking ahead while looking at the present. []
  • SYAK: The Blues deemed six players as qualified. Or something. [Blues]
  • SYAK: Oshie, Backes and E. Johnson are hanging with team USA. U-S-A! U-S-A! [Blues]
  • Serious question: how have I now heard of Dave Rook. Well, he's gone now. The former goaltending consultant is moving on to join the Blue Jackets. []
  • The Blues may be interested in Josh Harding. [The State of Hockey News]
  • The Blues make a list a lot of us would rather they didn't. [Bleacher Report]


Hockey news

  • Mike Komisarek will be on the free agent market. You know, he WAS an All-Star. [TSN]
  • Jamal Mayers is on the move, but not from the Leafs. He's literally moving: he's selling his house. [BlockShopper St. Louis]
  • The Answer Man's favorite players were left with an offer. [TSN]
  • What's wrong with Edmonton, Dany Heatley? Who does he want to play for? [TSN]
  • Jay Bouwmeester is a Flamer. Side note: Jay is my favorite NHL player out of a uniform. He looks NOTHING like a hockey player. [ESPN]
  • Scottz Gomez is a Canadien. Well, he's still an American ... but he'll be playing in Montreal. [ESPN]
  • Puck Daddy breaks down the free agent d-men ... [Puck Daddy]
  • ... centers ... [Puck Daddy]
  • ... and goalies. Notice how Manny Legace can't crack this list. Hope he enjoys playing golf. [Puck Daddy]
  • I hate Drew Rosenhaus. [Puck Daddy]
  • Marcus can't believe we missed this: Tie Domi and Bob Probert will be figure skating. [Winnipeg Free Press]


I thought only Turtles lived in sewers. [Io9]

This is either a waste of time or a great way to fool someone into thinking you can cook. [Fancy Fast Food]

THESE are the 10 funniest jokes in America. [Reader's Digest]



smashthesymbols brings us auto tune the news. I know Jay-Z said auto tune is dead ... but I love this shit. I could listen to Joe Biden "sing" all day long.

So full disclosure: I'll be out of town for the rest of the week. Going to a wedding in KC. Not a big deal right? Well, I feel like I should come clean. I'm going to be a groomsmen for a Red Wings fan. Yes, one of my best friends roots for the Winged Wheel. Sorry.  I'll try to lose the rings before the ceremony.

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