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Monday Links

Averagejoe has Hockey Fever. No, seriously. He doesn't feel well at all so I'm off the healthy scratch list and into the lineup for Monday Links.

Blues News:


NHL News:

  • Puck Daddy talks "Money bummers" in the NHL.  [Puck Daddy]
  • I'm about ready to start humming that song from Bad News Bears whenever I read about the woes of the Coyotes. You know the song I'm talking about.  []
  • Sabres sign Joe DiPenta. I suppose I'll go look him up on Hockey-Reference. []
  • Apparently he has more Stanley Cup rings than Keith Tkachuk. That's one to zero if you're keeping score at home. [Hockey Reference]

Other Stuff:


Answer Man might as well skip this one. I found this MAF goalie cam video on Pensburgh and thought it was very enlightening. Now I know what it's like to take a drink from a gatorade bottle that's kept on top of the net. Yes!


Somebody will be here to do links tomorrow. If Joe feels better, he'll be here. If not, you'll be asked to put up with my finds for one more day. If you've found something link worthy, shoot us an electronic mail at gametimelinks (at)