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Wednesday Links

Well the last four days have been really fun for me -- vomiting, a fever and eating nothing but crackers. Good times. Big thanks to PCS for helping out while I was under the weather. I'm feeling a little better now so let's do some links. If some things aren't funny I apologize, I'm drugged up (the legal kind).

Blues news

  • Get ready for more articles praising the Blues this year. [Blues]
  • Fare the well, Mike Glumac. []

Hockey news

  • Is Sergei Zubov really the greatest D-man in Dallas Stars history? Wow. We are spoiled in St. Louis. Oh ... he's probably done in Dallas. [ESPN]
  • Tampa Bay Lightning co-owner Len Barrie has to come up with some scratch ... quickly. [TSN]
  • This is what free agency has come to: Tom Kostopoulos makes the news for signing with the Canes. [TSN]
  • Schedules come out today. You think SportsCenter will have a half-hour long program like they did for the NFL schedule? [Puck Daddy]
  • This is a great idea. [Cycle like the Sedins]

Other links

  • A live-blog ish look at pictures posted on twit pic. Pretty random. May be not safe for work. [PingWire]
  • Growing up in Franklin County I saw a lot of kids that looked like this. Ladies and gents: kids with mullets. [Now That's Nifty]
  • I haven't been to a library in a long-ass time. And that includes my time in college. Apparently they have some weird books there. [Awful Library Books]



That's it for today. gametimelinks (at)