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Saturday Links

Game Time's Morning Links: It's where Jesus would go to click stuff every morning. If he had the internet.

Blues News:



NHL News:


  • Mirtle offers some more analysis on the bankruptcy situation in Phoenix.
  • It's a video game. But it's a hockey video game, so I'm putting it here. NHL 10 will be amazing, according to this.
  • Great moments in Hockey Shoplifting. God, I love Puck Daddy.
  • Second City dreams up a plan to re-sign all those RFAs next year. ("Taves", Keith, and Kane)
  • Patrick Sharp to Toronto? Maybe.


Other Stuff:




One of my favorite comedians, Mitch Hedberg. If you've got the time, the whole playlist of his material is great.

I'm outta here for now. Be good until tomorrow.