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Thursday Links

LIVE! From Kansas City, it's the Thursday links.

Blues news

  • SYAK: Ty Conklin brings his sparking outdoor game record to the Blues. []
  • JR will be having a chat. Over/under on Roman Polak questions is set at three. [STLtoday]
  • Jeff Gordon likes what the Blues are doing. I do as well but I don't have a column in a newspaper. []

Hockey news

  • So many deals yesterday ... here's a free agent tracker to break 'em all down. [ESPN]
  • ESPN blogged a ton during the FA period. [ESPN]
  • Think of this page as the link dump. [TSN]
  • Dany Heatley is a bitch. [ESPN]
  • This is epic and awesome. Kudos Wysh. [Puck Daddy]


Other links

I could watch Firework Fail all day long. [Buzzfeed]

Uhhh nice shoes. []

Food on a stick is a better. [Now That's Nifty]



I love Jon Lajoie. This is awesome. Lyrics very not safe for work.

gametimelinks (at) bachelor party tomorrow. might be some mr. k on cinco de mayo links. be warned.