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Monday Links

Here's the deal ladies and gents: News is dead. Nothing is happening. The links will be thin. Don't worry, September should be here soon.

Blues news

  • With a lack of news, read Brian's interview with a prospect I've never heard of. It's interesting.  [Game Time]

Hockey news

  • Interesting story out of Toronto ... the NHLPA doesn't want players participating in Olympic training camps over fears about insurance. [CTV Olympics]
  • Len Barrie showed the NHL the money. Looks like Tampa can be moved from troubled to OKish on your NHL "How stable is the franchise" chart. [TSN]
  • Seriously ... why are there so many potential buyers for the Coyotes? Can someone explain to me why rich folks are lining up during this recession to buy a less-than-stable team with mountains of debt. [TSN]
  • Curious as to how the Penguins players are spending their days with the Cup? Read and find out. [Hockey Hall of Fame]
  • Arbitration starts today with ... Clarke MacArthur? I hope he gets a big raise based off his (searching) career-high 17 goals last season. [Die By The Blade]

Other links


  • This "game" is a totally unrealistic look at texting while driving. No one switches lanes that much and my friends would know that "hangover" means "The Hangover" and "7" means "7 p.m." Have fun. []
  • I couldn't figure out how to embed this so ... here's a link to a vid with Henry Rollins and the Techno Viking. Enjoy. []

  • People with funny names. []

  • This guy wants a pony for his kid's birthday. How sweet. [Craig's List]


Many people are under the impression that Vanilla Ice had just one song. Many people are wrong. Someone mentioned the Ninja Turtles in the comments and then I went and found this. Enjoy, Ninja Rap.

That's all I could find. Sorry. gametimelinks(at) if you find something better.