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Wednesday Links

Oh it's Wednesday. It's a time for celebration.

Blues news

  • SYAK: Dancin' Steve Wagner will be back this year. [AP]
  • The Blues have a shiny new history page. It's pretty cool. [Blues]

Hockey news

  • Former Blues goalie Brent Johnson is on the move to Pittsburgh. He went from playing with Ovechkin to now playing with Crosby and Malkin. Not a bad career move. [TSN]
  • Alex Kovalev signed with the Ottawa Senators and makes it clear he would like to play with Dany Heatley ... if only the media would be nice to poor Heater. Yep ... that damn media that requested a trade. [SLAM! Sports]
  • Quebec wants an NHL team again. I could go for the Nordiques being back. [London Free Press]
  • Seriously you guys, the Islanders are committed to the kids. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Radim Vrbata was in Phoenix. Then he left for Tampa before last season. Then he quit like a bitch ... and yesterday was traded back to Phoenix. [Raw Charge]

Other links

  • A blog devoted to bathroom graffiti. Next to the toilet at my office someone wrote "Droppin a Duce." I work at a newspaper. Sigh. [Toiletters...]
  • This Web site is awesome. []
  • Bored? Wanna play some Mario? I just wasted your day. You're welcome. [Mario]


From Lodnod comes a music rec. Enjoy.

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