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Friday Links

It's Friday. It's always fun to say that.

Blues news

  • JR chatted with some fans Thursday. As usual, some decent info. []
  • David Backes is the anti-Mike Vick. He raised $1,500 for the struggling St. Charles Humane Society. []
  • This was fanposted, but in case you missed it ... the Rivermen added two depth guys. [OurSports Central]
  • The Alaska Aces have a new head coach: Brent Thompson. [KTUU]

Hockey news

  • The Carolina Hurricanes signed Tuomo Ruutu. [TSN]
  • Someone in Detroit may have committed a crime? I'm shocked. [TSN]
  • It looks like Tomas Kaberle will remain with the Maple Leafs. [TSN]
  • Maid Marian Hossa will undergo surgery. This is too much awesome. [ESPN]
  • Mike Knuble says a lot of things, but I take umbrage to his questioning of St. Louis opening the season in Sweden. Ask Marcus, the Blues are HUGE in Sweden. [Puck Daddy]


Other links

  • Going to prison soon? Here's some inventions you might encounter. [Sloshspot Blog]
  • We are outnumbered. Be wary of the TV's. [Consumerist]
  • Here is a handy collection of charts and graphs. Enjoy. [I am bored]


The first minute of this video is boring, I know that. Please, please stick with this. Please. This is a teaser for what has to be the greatest movie ever.


That's it for today. Hit up gametimelinks(at) if you find something cool. Poor College Student has got the weekend shift. Expect, nay, demand the goods from him. He will deliver.