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Sunday Links

Sunday Links...the Sunday Comics equivalent for hockey buffs.


Blues News:

NHL News:

  • This cheat sheet gives a quick overview of all the offseason moves followed with a brief analysis. Organized by date.
  • Second City answers some of the complaints about not asking Hossa to turn his head and cough.
  • Cycle Like The Sedins "re-drafts" the NHL. Hildy picked Roberto Luongo for the Blues. Loouuuuuuuuuuuu, I suppose.
  • Fear the Fin has a photoshop thread that could give you an idea or two as to who to pick in the GT Fantasy Draft. CCR told me about it.
  • Tyler Kennedy seen drinking beer out of the Stanley Cup...through a straw.
  • Six teams look to have new alternate jersey looks next season.

Other Stuff:


This guy must be one hell of a mini-golf player. An amazing Hole in One.

That's it for me. Averagejoe is back for the Monday to Friday grind. He'll have top-notch stuff for you to click on.

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