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Wednesday Links

Some nights the links are fun to do. Others are not. Guess which one last night was.

Blues news

  • The Hockey News predicts the Blues to be a dark horse to win the Central. I would really like to be under-the-radar this season, but this is nice. Until ... [The Hockey News]
  • ...  Wings fans shit their pants over the thought of someone else winning the Central. []
  • You already read about Bryce Lampman yesterday, but the Rivermen also added a goalie. (Another one? Yes.) []

Hockey news

  • USA Hockey just now gets around to inducting the guy who invented the freaking Zamboni into the Hall of Fame. []
  • Vaclav Prospal was bought out. Not good times for ole Vaclav. [TSN]
  • Frantisek Kaberle was also bought out. Not a good day for guys with funny names. [TSN]
  • P.J. Axelsson wasn't on one of the four teams that will be opening the season in Sweden, so he's going there on his own -- he's leaving the NHL for the Swedish Elite League. [TSN]
  • The Wings have added a d-man who hasn't played since 2005-06. The last time Andy Delmore was in the NHL, I couldn't legally drink alcohol. Good signing Detroit. [TSN]
  • Canada isn't going to fuck around the Olympics. [CTV Olympics]
  • This headline reads like something Brad or Sean would write. The article is pretty good as well. [Habs Eyes On The Prize]

Other links


I have a feeling PCS might like this. If you can get past the loud screaming music, I present to you a great moment in ownage starting Jack Bauer.

You guys find any cool sites? Send them my way. Gametimelinks(at) Later.