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Thursday Links

Today is pay day. To that I say: Fuck and yes.

Blues news

  • The Rivermen are offering a crazy good deal on a season ticket package. I would totally pay $250 to see a season's worth of hockey. []


Hockey news

  • The Coyotes signed Scottie Upshall. Did they pay him in Monopoly money? I sure hope someone is backing the contract. [TSN]
  • NHL owners to Jim Balsillie: Eat a bag of dicks. [TSN]
  • This is the greatest picture to accompany this article. Ryan Getzlaf looks like hes in an intense amount of pain. [TSN]
  • Wait ... the Boston Bruins third jersey is the 5th best in all of hockey all time ... [Pucks and Pitchforks]
  • The Kings are the new Blues. [Sporting News]
  • Alex Ovechkin talks, I listen. [Jasper's Rink]
  • As a hockey fan and a journalist, I found Defending Big D's two-part interview with hockey journos super interesting. Here is part 1. [Defending Big D]
  • And here is part two. [Defending Big D]

Other links

  • These are some pretty bad ass names. Can't believe they left off David Backes, though. []
  • I don't know why people can't just make a normal sandwich and eat it. []
  • A South Carolina man was charged with having sex with a horse. I don't want to know how Hildymac found this. Kudos ... I guess. []


It took me a while to find this video ... but I think you'll enjoy a man with no legs kicking ass.