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Tuesday Links

Tuesday's with Hildy comin' up soon. You guys will enjoy it.

Blues news

  • SYAK: The Beej is back and Ears has a new deal. I'm guessing Hannu Toivonen is just depth so if Mason goes all Manny, Conk won't have to play EVERY game. [Belleville News-Democrat]
  • Apparently Max Tardy is a big deal in Minnesota. It is news that he will be coming to the Blues orientation camp. [Northland's NewsCenter]
  • Speaking of the camp ... here's the schedule. That Saturday game sure is early. [Blues]

Hockey news

  • The 'Hawks aren't letting their inability to use the fax to keep them from signing other players. [TSN]
  • Five guys I've barely heard of signed with the Leafs. [TSN]
  • Andrew Raycroft, the former Calder winner, is on the move again. [TSN]
  • I like to say Ville Leino's name like "Vile." It's fitting. [TSN]
  • Chris Pronger wants an extension with the Flyers ... but does the Mrs. approve of the Illedelph? [TSN]
  • Now I have heard of Francois Beauchemin ... he should help Toronto. [TSN]
  • Wondering who is left on the FA market? [From The Rink]
  • Doc Whiskey and I agree ... this game looks awesome. [Puck Daddy]

Other links

  • If you didn't think people would wear blue shirts and khaki's to the Billy Mays funeral ... well you don't know people. [The Herald Dispatch]
  • Bears gettin handjobs ... nothing to see here. [Buzzfeed]


This is so fucking awkard.

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