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Wednesday Links

Witty thought here. Let's do it.

Blues news

  • Camp starts today. Here are the rosters and times. []

  • The kids have been in St. Louis for a bit. Nice. []

  • Erik Johnson and Alex Pietrangelo are skating together. Yes, please. []

  • Another draft pick, Tyler Shattock, is happy to be coming to the prospect camp. [Salmon Arm Observer]
  • Jeff Woywitka's new fans welcome him to the fold. It's funny: they call him an NHL defenseman. [Defending Big D]

Hockey news

  • TSN with some hefty coverage of the second wave of Free Agency. Lots of good stuff here. [TSN]
  • Joe Sakic looks like he's calling it a career. [The Denver Post]
  • Mile High Hockey pours out some internet 40 for Joe Sakic. [Mile High Hockey]
  • Brad touched on it Monday -- twitter is changing the game. Excellent piece by Wyshynski at Puck Daddy. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Leafs have a new goalie who is destined to fail. [TSN]
  • See ... even the "sane" minds at PPP think he's going to suck. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • SYAK: Chris Pronger signed an extension with the Flyers. How long before he is traded again? [TSN]

Other links

  • From NatetheGreat: "This is the shit." It's not bad, but holy fuck NO ONE can do the Moonwalk. The sound also gets super annoying. [Eternal moonwalk]
  • Kumar has a real job now. [WaPo]
  • Some interesting movie/tv auditions. [Unreality]
  • This text had me laughing for minutes. The friend has the best response ever. [Pic]


From DJ: "Holy shit." Watch the whole thing.

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