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Thursday Links

Let's go Blues.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • Anyone here good with Photoshop? These are awesome and hilarious. [Fear the Fin]
  • Alex Auld is going to Dallas. [TSN]
  • Saku Koivu is leaving Montreal to head to Anaheim. Quack, quack, sir. [TSN]
  • People seriously want the Phoenix Coyotes? [TSN]
  • Jiri Hudler is leaving the D ... and the NHL. The Wings are losing guys left and right. [TSN]
  • Ummm that Pronger contract made be very bad. Ha ha.[From The Rink]
  • The Iowa Chops are suspended (thanks Andy). [Fox Sports]
  • Busch Ice passes along a site that has every uniform ... ever. [Hockey Uniform Database]


Other links


From Classic17: " You'll sing the song for the rest of the day." He's right. Damnit he's right.


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