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Monday links: John Davidson avoids the 'Danger Zone' edition

Sunday could not have been any better for me: beer, bacon, friends and all around good times. Hope you all had a great weekend, let's dive back into the week.

Blues news

  • When John Davidson talks, I listen. [Blues]

Hockey news

  • In case you missed it, Patrick Kane got arrested. Gotta be honest, he was probably 600th on my list of guys to get thrown in the pokey. [TSN]

  • Phoenix gets all the bad ownership headlines, but shit is real bad in Tampa Bay. Can't we all just get along? [TSN]

  • Anaheim gets another goalie: Justin Pogge. [TSN]

  • We all know Snoop Dogg likes hockey (we all do, right?), well apparently, some of the players enjoy Mr. dee oh double gee. [The 700 Level]

  • Some of the NHL10 player ratings are out. No word if T.J. Oshie rates higher than Cam Janssen. []

Other links


It's movie music Monday. I heard a request for no Huey Lewis. Done. Today is Kenny Loggins.

How 'bout a round of applesauce for PCS. He does good work. Gametimelinks(at) Later.