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GT Staff Getting Together Today

In a little under five hours from now the (opulent as always) GTHQ will be deluged by a large percentage of the staff members of the Game Time organ-I-zation. We try to do a little summer get-together to say thanks to everyone who works on this site and on our paper. A little free food, a lot of free beer and voila! we can usually get everyone to commit to coming back and helping out again next season. It's a trick right out of Jeffio's playbook, who always used to say that you never ask the staff if they want to do it again next year right after the season ends. Wait a few months until they forget how hard it is and then you ask them.

But there is a downside to all of these hockey degenerates in one place, swilling booze and beers in the sun and then knocking down about 14 tacos on top of it: something wacky is going to go down. Personally, I already placed the bet that King of All Vendors John will be the first to arrive and that Brad Lee will be last to leave, but what will take place in between?