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Wednesday links: David Backes is rooming with Kane edition

I'm feeling a bit under the weather so if the links suck, blame my immune system.

Blues news

  • Young Erik Johnson has a lot to prove at Team USA camp. [ESPN]
  • Keith Tkachuk gets praise for being old. []
  • Wrassilin fans at Scottrade chanted "Let's Go Blues!" Monday night. [Wrestling] (Thanks Hildymac)

Hockey news

  • "Local" product Paul Stastny is one of many to play for the country he wasn't born in. [SI]
  • Patrick Kane is trying to get back to normal. He's also rooming with David Backes. Now is your chance to be a legend, Dave. []
  • Speaking of Kane, 20 Cent is working on a plea deal. Probably a fine, some community service and that'll be it. [TSN]
  • A match made in Heaven: Todd Bertuzzi and the Detroit Red Wings. [TSN]
  • Had this discussion with NatetheGreat. earlier this week, where are the American goalies? Tim Thomas, Ryan Miller and Jon Quick? Really? [ESPN]
  • Team USA gets some spiffy new duds. [Puck Daddy]
  • I agree that D3 is the best of the Mighty Ducks movies when it comes to hockey. [Melt Your Face Off]

Other links


Flippin off animals, a favorite past time of mine.

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