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Sunday Links

Saturday was good to me. Hope it was good to you.

I also hope Sunday goes easy on you.

Blues News:

  • As CCR guessed, we're light on Blues news today. But there was a recent poll added in the FanPost section of a popular Blues blog recently. In fact, it might have been this site.

NHL News:

  • Puck Daddy with some somber news concerning the potential of creating new hockey fans in America.
  • The "As the Coyotes Turn" headline has been overdone. This time, it's "Days of our Coyotes." They owe players some money, according to Mirtle.
  • This'll help fill space. is putting on a "30 teams in 30 days" thing. The first installment concerns the Anaheim Ducks.
  •'s Scott Burnside has some summer questions to ponder. Basically, if you've missed any of the headline events, this shoul give you a nice overview on what you missed.
  • C'mon, bosses...On the Forecheck gets an August Wallpaper. How come we don't!?!?!?

Other Stuff:


Just in time for the G.I.  Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie...BODY MASSAGE! (Thanks, Carnie)

Averagejoe is back tomorrow. He'll have all sorts of cool shit for you to click on.


And come back later for a Prospect Department exclusive with future Blue Brett Ponich.

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