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Friday links: Introducing the Nasty Boys

It's Friday!

Blues news

  • Is Erik Johnson's knee going to prevent him from making team USA? [ESPN]
  • Kelly Backes insulter Ryan Kesler might be a linemate with David Backes at the Olympics. Joy. [Nucks Misconduct]
  • Kesler and Backes will be joined by Dustin Brown to form the ... Nasty Boys? Really? Two wrestling references in one week of links (pats self on back). [Battle of California]

Hockey news

  • So unbelievably sad: the two-month old son of Jose Theodore died. Thoughts and best wishes to all parties involves. Truly tragic. [TSN]
  • Darren Dreger reports Dany Heatly will finally address the media Friday about all the sand in his vagina. [TSN]
  • Could this be Mike Modano's last shot with team USA? The answer should be yes, a thousand times yes. [Defending Big D]
  • 20 Cent is not guilty, yo. At least, that's how he pled. [TSN]
  • Owner fight! [TSN]
  • This Coyotes thing could impact other leagues. No shit Canadian Press. [TSN]
  • Versus and DirecTV are fighting. Can't we all just get along? [Puck Father]
  • The Coyotes won't be moving this season. Why? Too much money for extra travel. []
  • Is this guy high or just homer? [Examiner]
  • The Thrashers are negotiating with Ilya Kovalchuk. Things are going well ... so far. [AJC]

Other links


Stand up Friday brings you Dave Chappelle. Funny, but not safe for work. Also, the first part is similar to the Louis Henry Gates situation. Just sayin'.

Poor College Student has got shit on lock for the weekend. Send him good stuff to gametimelinks(at) Until Monday ...