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Monday links: Where it's quiet ... a little too quiet

Back to the grind, eh? Man do Mondays suck. Side note: Did the NHL also take a vacation this weekend?

Blues news

  • Former Blue Jeff Finley pulls a Belfour and joins up with the enemy. Except he's Jeff Finley so ... not much outrage. [MLive]

Hockey news

Other links

  • Looking for a grill that won't burn those burgers and hot dogs ... and will also take care of babies? Head to Sears. (Thanks NatetheGreat.) [Consumerist]
  • Pooping during a blackout is no longer a problem. [OhGizmo!]


It's Music Monday so here's the GTPD aka Tomorrows Blues aka Brian with his pick. Language NSFW.


Holy shit did the links suck today. Sorry. I'll do better tomorrow. gametimelinks(at)