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Wednesday links: Introducing the Phoenix Expos!

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It's Wednesday. We are almost done ... come on Saturday!

Blues news

  • The Blues have three new commercials for the upcoming season. You can watch them here. [Blues]
  • David Backes' move to center has helped him become a big-time player for USA Hockey. []

Hockey news

  • The NHL is trying to turn the Phoenix Coyotes into the Montreal Expos pre move to Washington. Just give up NHL. Let Jim Balsillie buy the team and move them. Make him pay a big fucking moving fee and make him get Hamilton a nice new arena. [TSN]
  • Re the Coyotes: What does it all mean? [Puck Daddy]
  • The Boston Bruins are hosting a "Swing Like Happy Gilmore Long Drive Contest." Nothing can go wrong from this. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Stephon Walkom would rather ref than watch refs. Good call creepy dude. [TSN]
  • Team Canada has Cam Ward and Marc-Andre Fleury -- both Cup winners -- riding the pine and they are worried about who is going to play in net. [CTV Olympics]
  • THIS is why Greg Wyshynski is the best. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Wilds third jersey has been leaked. [icethetics]

Other links

  • From Andy: Boredom in Ireland. [Bright Cove]
  • Hildymac has an axe to grind with Arkansas. She passes this along: An Arkansas woman, who is having trouble paying the bills, tried to sell the naming rights to her SEVENTH kid. STOP HAVING KIDS. [Fox News]
  • Nightmare fuel: The Hypnocat. [the Internet]


This video is from Classic17. It is creepy. Why? Kids? Check. Ginger kids? Check? Kids dancing sexy? Check. Holy shit. Also, classic17 says dont go to the Web site tagged on the video -- he says its naughty.

Hope that haunts you. gametimelinks(at) SEND US SHIT!