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Friday links: Brad Noyes is a swell guy edition

And you people want to kill newspapers and just rely on Web sites.
And you people want to kill newspapers and just rely on Web sites.

Let's get this week over with, shall we? But remember, come back for Poor College Student this weekend. He met Louie so don't be surprised if he acts like a big shot this weekend.

Blues news

  • Eric Brewer hurt his knee while rehabbing his back. New nickname for Mr. Roboto? Mr. Glass. [Morning Skate]
  • Inside this article we find out that Chris Porter has signed a two-year two-way deal. [Grand Forks Herald]
  • Brad Noyes ... I mean, Brad Boyes (see attached photo) is a charitable man. [Welland Tribune]

Hockey news

  • Bored? How bout a nice coloring book page. [Five For Howling]
  • Patrick Kane and his cousin have pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. He has to, and this is serious, write a fucking apology to the cab driver. [TSN]
  • Second City wants to put this whole Kane mess behind us. I doubt that is going to happen. [Second City Hockey]
  • An open letter to the NHL. It's a good read. [ Mile High Hockey]
  • Paul Kelly, the NHLPA director, might be on the hot seat. [TSN]
  • Roberto Luongo and the Canucks have a contract deadline. [TSN]
  • Alex Kovalev should just not talk for a while. [TSN]
  • Jacques Demers is going to the Canadian Senate. [TSN]
  • Today's look at the Coyotes situation ...[Puck Daddy]

Other links


It's stand up Friday. Ladies and gents, Patton Oswalt. Language NSFW.

gametimelinks(at) Have a good weekend, all. I'll see you when I see you.