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Welcome To The St. Louis Game Time Vacation Experiment


This won't hurt a bit.

The long summer is almost over. We're about a week away from actual hockey stuff to keep us busy until hopefully next summer. So seeing the long stretch ahead of us and knowing that this week still has nothing going on, we're taking a break. For the next week, we're taking a virtual vacation from our virtual world. Kind of.

Here's how this will work. No one who is an author with Game Time will post a story between now and the day after Labor Day. On the small chance that something interesting actually happens, you folks who make this people great can still make fanshots and fanposts. And then there's this post.

For the next seven days, use this post to talk about whatever the hell you want to talk about. The Blues. Your summer. Going back to college. Your hot next door neighbor and pictures of her. Your new jersey. Whatever. It's a free for all. We might check in from our cyber beach chairs and raise a glass of fruity stuff, but it's all up to you. I'm curious how this thing will go. Either everyone will take one last break with us...or some of you are likely to go crazy.

So that's it. We'll see you on Sept. 8 for a fun week of stuff leading up to training camp, fanfest, boring preseason games and the drop of the puck in October in Sweden. Just think, we'll be within a month the next time you see us. Plus we promise some cool stuff: the conclusion of the Erik Johnson mystery, a legit doctor piece about the young defenseman's injury, a training camp preview and more.

See you in a week.