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Tuesday links: Candygram edition

NFL training camp started, why can't the NHL? Ugh. Offseasons suck.

Blues news

  • For those wondering what the numbers that have run at the top of this site in the past month mean, it's time to get educated.  [Blues]
  • DanGNR wants people to know the Blues will be a sleeper this year. I got a bone to pick with this article. 10 sleepers? That's 1/3 of the league. How can 33% of the league be a surprise team? [Bleacher Report]

Hockey news

  • A fan pretends to be family with someone on the Penguins and gets to hang out during the post-game celebrations. Awesome. (Thanks Curt!). [Puck Daddy]
  • Sharks fans wonder if Dany Heatly is worth the headache? I think fans in Atlanta and Ottawa will go ahead and say no. [Fear the Fin]
  • The fine folks at Second City make a good point about the Olympics -- maybe we don't want Oshie and Backes heading to Vancouver. [Second City Hockey]
  • Today on the The Coyotes and the League, more fighting and court and Jim Balsillie is not dead yet. Fuck me, this is getting old. [TSN]
  • Former Blue Dallas Eakins will be the coach of the Toronto minor league club. [TSN]

  • Is Jiri Hudler good enough to have TWO contracts -- one in the KHL and one in the NHL. [TSN]

Other links


PCS likes his Shark Week. I do as well.

If the player fails, go here.