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Friday Links: The billion dollar Belfour special edition

Friday is here. Rejoice!

Blues news

  • One day later, it still is true: Ed Belfour is a Blue. Ugh. [Belleville News-Democrat]
  • Ed Belfour talks about joining the Blues. I didn't realize he tried to play last year. []
  • Jeremy Rutherford answered questions. As usual, some good nuggets of information in here. []

Hockey news

  • It looks like Shea Weber might have ended Andreas Lilja's career. Five months after a fight, Lilja is still having headaches. Damn. [On the Forecheck]
  • Sidney Crosby had a better 22nd birthday than I did. All I did was go to class and then work. [TSN]
  • So the NHLPA and the NHL are fighting over insurance and the Olympics. Good times. []
  • The World Jr. rosters are in flux thanks to all the good young kids who could play in the Worlds, but may be in the NHL. [TSN]
  • Jiri Hudler: "I don't know rules regarding arbitration exactly." Really Jiri? Really? [Puck Daddy]

Other links

  • This site leaves me speechless. Some of these I want in my apartment as decoration, others ... not so much. [CRAPPY TAXIDERMY]
  • I hate kids. [My First Fail]
  • Ever wonder how Scrooge McDuck got rich? Of course you do. [Get back]


Friday's might become stand up Friday's. Today: Jim Gaffigan. I saw him at school and my buddy literally peed his pants from laughter. He killed.