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Sunday Links: "Brother Kane, Can you spare two dimes?" Edition (Updated)

Sunday: Not as good as Saturday, but it sure beats the hell out of Monday.

Let's click stuff

Blues News:

  • Blues sign former Las Vegas Wrangler Adam Cracknell. Having played in Vegas, I'm sure he's crossed paths with the likes of Rick Tocchet and Mrs. Gretzky (Too soon? Nah)

NHL News:

  • UPDATE! Patrick Kane has been arrested concerning an incident with a cab driver. The_Hoff and BleedBlue42 posted links to TSN via the fanshot and the comment. Second City has their say. You stay classy, Buffalo.

Other Stuff:

  • If you have 45 minutes to kill, Carnie has a video helping you put your constitutional rights to use when facing the lawmen.
  • G.I. Joe war crimes. Truly a dark day in America.
  • I'd say I fulfill 7 or so qualities on this list. How about you all?
  • Another clip. The WTF blanket for dogs. My God, why?
  • The Usual Suspects is an obvious choice. Empire Strikes Back almost seems like a cop out, considering it was part of a trilogy.
  • And last but not least...the 5 stages of a hangover. Unrelated note, if you haven't seen The Hangover yet, do so soon. Then again, it'll be out on DVD soon, too. Meh...your call.



Now THIS is how you pay a fine.

Hope you enjoy the tail end of the weekend. And fare thee well, Shark Week. See you next year.

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