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Top 11 Signs Blues Training Camp Starts Saturday

11. Hot girls who work in the mall where the Blues practice have been showing mono-like symptoms.

10. Liquor stores in Chesterfield are out of Molson.

 9. John Davidson is on every sports radio talk show this week. And he keeps talking about puzzles.

 8. Partying in Eureka has cut back considerably in the last couple weeks.

 7. Eric Brewer still can't skate.

 6. Interest in the Rams already dropping like a stone.

 5. David Perron has been traded for the millionth time on several message boards.

 4. Golf cart injury jokes on the Internets have increased 500 percent in the last couple weeks on hockey sites. Most were funny 11 months ago.

 3. Chris Mason's beard is coming out of hibernation.

 2. T.J. Oshie just polished the Bermuda Cup.

 1. There's a lot of new shit on St. Louis Game Time

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