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Friday links: Training camp is almost here edition

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Man, hockey is almost back. Life is getting real good.

Blues news

  • Training camp is coming! [Blues]
  • Here are 10 questions that the Blues will be looking to answer and camp ... and beyond. []
  • Lars Eller has mono. Fragile Lars? What's Danish for fragile? [Belleville News-Democrat]
  • Andy Murray answered questions, like real ones. He says Perron will be a point man on the power play. []


Hockey news

  • Dany Heatley traded to San Jose in a three-team deal ... [ESPN]
  • ... Or you know, he's still in Ottawa. Nice try, ESPN. [TSN]
  • How come in court, the third man in doesn't get tossed. This is hockey, isn't it? [TSN]
  • Mike Comrie is going back to Edmonton. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Theo Fleury has been reinstated. [TSN]
  • I wasn't aware President Barack Obama won the Cup. But, since he's holding it, I'll just assume he was a healthy scratch for the playoffs. [TSN]
  • Mats Sundin back with Orca? I just hope he decides sooner than he did last year. [Nucks Misconduct]

Other links


It's Friday. Laugh. Although, I gotta disagree with Mr. Chappelle: I'm a purple drink man.

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