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Get Your Late-Night Poll On!

And that's what she said!

I took my bundle of season tickets out yesterday and peeled off the first six tickets (well, eight if you count the two bullshit ones that are for the game in Sweden that are marked "NOT ACTUAL GAME TICKETS" - thanks for the reminder, fuckers) for the three pre-season games and put them in the glove box of my car.

Glove box. How is it that we've moved past saying "ice box" for the freezer, but glove box is still acceptable? I mean, yes, I actually do have a pair of gloves in my glove box, but I actually have ice in my freezer and if I ever called it an ice box some dude from the 1930's would magically appear at my front door and kick me in the nuts. I think.

But I put those tickets in my car's ice box for just one reason: to give 'em away. My tickets aren't that spectacular (cheapest in the building), but there are plenty of people I know who don't get to go to mant Blues games and are happy to have them.

But why don't I use them? Because, basically, I guess, um, and so forth.

I don't know why. I just know I haven't been to a pre-season game since '05 and I think I left that one early. If you can remember why I don't go to pre-season games, remind me in the comments. But first, take the late night poll.