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Poll On Polling.

We started doing late night polls at some point last year when the night owls who work on this site and our paper realized that there were plenty of other night owl Blues fans up and trolling the internet. We also had a bunch of beers in us and started putting up random questions just to see how ridiculous we could get with certain questions or if we could get any good drunken stories out of anyone.

But now we're finding that people want to see them more consistently that just "Whenever Gallagher is drunk/sleepwalking/trying make sure tomorrow is an unproductive day at work."

We're kinda torn on the issue. Some have suggested that it's better if it's more random because it's more interesting than a planned every day event. Others have suggested that it'd be easy to do every night, even if the questions tend to stray away from hockey from time to time. The big question seems to be whether people will stop by to check it out, or will the novelty wear off.

So there you go, late-nighters; whaddaya think of the late night polls?