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Tuesday links: How much longer until the regular season starts edition

Blues news

  • And so it begins. Tonight, the Blues and WIlds square off at Scottrade. The puck will drop at 7 p.m. [Blues]
  • Signs of training camp: The new guy training to prove he belong at the top level story appears. Ladies and gents, meet Brendan Bell. [Belleville News-Democrat]
  • Sign of training camp: Injured guys back and ready to prove they can still play stories. Today we have Erik Johnson and Paul Kariya, who I think will have a monster year just so he can get one more big contract. [Belleville News-Democrat]
  • Lots of good stuff from JR about Ty Conklin's mask, white skates and the goal scoring prowess of Dancing Steve Wagner. [Morning Skate | STLtoday]

Hockey news

  • Kari Lehtonen is hurt, so Manny Legace actually might have a shot at playing in the NHL this season.(Thanks to Susie) []
  • TSN releases its fantasy hockey rankings. Shockingly, Sidney Crosby is not No. 1. [TSN]
  • Andreas Lilja is going to be out for some time. I know he's a Red Wing, but damn, PCS (post concussion syndrome, not Poor College Student) sucks. [Winging It In Motown]
  • Dennis Seidenberg has been signed by the Panthers. [TSN]
  • Marian Gaborik has a sore groin. He's day to day. Who had Day fucking 1 in the office pool? [Newsday]

  • The Sean Avery flow chart. Brilliant. [Rangers Report]

Other links

  • Google Cook Islands has an unfortunate URL. [Google]
  • Some sales are awesome. Others ... not so much. [Mental Floss]
  • The internet gave us Keyboard Cat and LOLCatz, now we having the newest meme that will confuse old people: WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS. I'm just trying to keep you guys ahead of the curve. [Topless Robot]
  • From the Hockey Prof: A collection of Bloom County comic strips, inspired by the Garfield as Garfield link. I don't get it either, but he does. [The Lost Bloom County Adventures]


Oh fuck and yes: Hockey is back -- who cares if its preseason.