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Wednesday links: Derek Armstrong's Gordie Howe hat trick edition

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Hockey was played last night. Now, if only it were a real game.

Blues news

  • T.J. Oshie will be on the Wednesday radio show broadcasting LIVE from O.B. Clarks. [Blues]
  • Chris Kerber is chatting. Check back daily for this. Larry Pleau talked Tuesday. [Blues]
  • Excitement for the Blues is back. For those who didn't give up on the time (most of the people on this site) it's kinda bittersweet. Instead of die-hards packing the house its assbags who still think Paul Kariya is good. Oh well, at least the team is good. []
  • You may have heard, Andy Murray is given an extra year. []
  • With a goal, assist and fight in the 3-1 pre-season win, Derek Armstrong is making a case to make the big club. Sigh. [Belleville News-Democrat]
  • Pre-season story: Surprising player attempts to prove he's not a fluke. Meet Brad Winchester. [Belleville News-Democrat]
  • Chris Mason is getting a bobblehead. [OurSports Central]

Hockey news

  • Hockey was played last night. [Scores]
  • Bret Hedican is calling it quits. I remember him when he wore the Blue Note. []
  • The Coyotes, without its coach, won a split squad game. This team is a sideshow, which is a shame because I kind of like some of the players. They could be quietly decent. [TSN]
  • Jonas Gustavsson has a heart procedure. Not good times. [TSN]
  • Andrei Markov is NOT the Canadiens captain. [TSN]
  • ESPN looks West. [ESPN]
  • And East. [ESPN]
  • Should the Predators go after Phil Kessel, and if they should, what should they offer. [On the Forecheck]

Other links

  • Kanye West is the newest internet meme. [I'mma Let You Finish]
  • Holy shit its Green Man! [College Humor]
  • Is the word the name of a cheese ... or a font. [Cheese or Font]
  • If you printed the internet ... well, you'd be a fucking dork. A dork with a lot of porn. [CreativeCloud]
  • This guy doesn't really look like Peter Griffin, but he thinks he does. [BBC]
  • Smartest man ever? Smartest man ever. (From Classic17) [Jalopnik]


SEND VIDEOS! I can't find anything good, so I'm going to go with an old standby: the greatest music video of all time (sorry Kanye). If this video doesn't make your day, we can't be friends.