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The First Late Night Poll of the Pre-Season

When I was in college I became a connoisseur of bad taste. Bad beer (Rhinelander was our drank of choice), bad choices (my fascination with fire extinguishers caused more harm than good) and bad movies (our TV was stuck for days at a time on a channel we dubbed "The Planet of the Apes Channel").

One of our favorite bad movies was "Roadhouse." We loved Roadhouse so much that we actually had it on tape, which is baffling because (1) It must have been the only tape we owned and (2) who knew they had committed that shite to tape. We also loved it so much that one of my roommates actually took the time to take our coffee table (coffee; ha!) and have the varnish and stain sanded off of the top of it. We then took our various markers and pens and wrote our favorite Roadhouse quotes all over the top of the table.

I'm not much of an artist, but that table became a piece of fucking art. If I had to narrow down all of my regrets from my college days to just one, my number one top regret would be that I didn't take that table with me when I left.

Obviously, the death of Roadhouse's star, Patrick Swayze, on Monday has had me thinking about that table. And the actor too, I'm sure.

Swayze had some great moments in film for people of my generation. The Outsiders. Red Motherfucking Dawn. Young Fucking Blood. Hell, I might even let Point Break into the discussion and if the ladies complain loud enough, Dirty Fucking Dancing.

But Roadhouse, man, Roadhouse. The sheer number of unreal situations and quotes in that movie put it above the rest. And that movie gives us tonight's poll. I put the quotes in as they were said in the movie, but for the purposes of the poll, assume they'd be slightly altered to make more sense from a team standpoint. For instance, "I thought you'd be bigger" would become, "We Thought You'd Be Bigger" or some such nonsense.

Also, close observers of Roadhouse and certain GT unofficial slogans will find an interesting nugget buried amongst all the silt....