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Need A New Cover For NHL 10?

For all of you who were excited to go get the newest version of EA Sports' latest edition of the NHL franchise but were bummed out that whiny Blackhawk Taxi Cab Kane was on the cover, we understand. In fact, when we handed over our fresh new copy to Son of GT the reaction on his face was a familiar mix of "Sweet!" and "What The Shit?"

So, we went searching for a workaround. Thanks to some HFBoards superstar known as TornadoGTS we have a new and better cover for the game. Feel free to download and print this copy, as we did (printing as a 5x7 seems to be the best size), but be sure to stop by the thread where Tornado GTS is taking requests for other alternate covers and thank him for his excellent work.


You can also go to TornadoGTS's new website and find alternate covers for virtually every team (as well as an Erik Johnson version if you would rather have him than the Teej on your cover). And yes, his site also features new covers for Madden 10, NCAA 10 and other sports games.