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Why You Up So Late? Might As Well Take A Poll.

I'm a big fan of the late night poll. Mainly because I'm up late all the time. Sometimes it's because I'm working. Sometimes because I'm drinking. Sometimes because I'm watching something on TV/DVD that seems like it's worth it to be up late for, even though it could easily be viewed at a non-vampiric time.

But I've always been a nocturnal sort. I remember the day that the 'stuff some t-shirts under the door' trick worked and my parents had no idea that I was up later than them. It's weird, because I really have seen and can understand the benefit of being a morning person and being up as the sun rises and you're out greeting the new day. I just can't make it an every-day thing.

However, this poll is about you, not me. Answer the question. Then, do what I do: I've left a lttle piece of me on the screen for you to read and either mock or nod about. Leave a little piece of yourself here and go to the comments to tell us a story.