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Sunday Links: How the hell did I miss "Talk Like a Pirate Day"?

Seriously, I'm always excited for Talk Like a Pirate Day and I missed it. Fuck.

Blues News:

  • Blues get looked at and previewed by TSN.
  • And if you hadn't heard, St. Louis lost last night.
  • FANfest a hit with fans. Who knew?
  • 3 games not featured on TV. 5 on Versus. I don't like it.
  • Blues and Avalanche at 8PM tonight. Somebody put a link to a feed in the comments. As of midnight on Friday, I've got nothin.

NHL News:

Other Stuff:

  • If you were a hardcore, lottery playing Blues fan in Bulgaria and went with the numbers of Zombo, Janney, Atcheynum, Federko, Chris "STEVE HOLT!" Holt, and Backes, you could have won the consecutive weeks. Strange but true.
  • Just in case you're watching football on Sunday (and even on a hockey board, I think it's safe to say that most of us do), Chris Gift has a handy map telling us what game will be on when in our network.
  • Want to feel better about yourself? Here you go.


HildyMac passes along a potential "Video of the Year" as she puts it. Hopefully this doesn't bring up any repressed memories.


And that's my cue to exit.

Averagejoe will be back for the work week. Send him your best links. Gametimelinks (at)