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Top 11 Poor Choices of Baby Names For Blues Fans

We've all seen them by now; little kids walking around with player-related names that make you ask the parents, "Is that like...?" To which they immediately cut you off with, "Yes, like the Blues player."

Some we like. Barret, for instance, is solid, and will remain so. Kids named Dallas or Drake always make us smile. We haven't met a Barclay yet, but that kid would immediately be our favorite kid of all time.

But what of the poor choices selected over the years? Here's the eleven worst...

11. Vitali, Igor or Vitali.

10. J.J.

9.  Reinhard.

8.  Danton or Jefferson.

7. Timofei.

6.  Dutchie.

5.  Noonan.

4.  Murphy.

3.  Sasha.

2.  Hannu.

1.  Keenan.


From the 12 Fluid Ounces of Gallagher's Brain