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Late Night Poll: You're On The List Now, Buddy!

I'd like to think that I'm a fairly reasonable person. Opinionated, yes, but not the kind of opinionated that can't be reasoned with and persuaded by others. Also not the kind of opinionated where I'm gonna jam said opinion down your throat. Unless it's Blues-related, in which case, well, you know.

But along with that I feel like I'm a fairly accepting kind of guy. It takes all kinds and almost every kind brings something to the table.

And then again...

You know how sometimes a guy can set you off with very little effort? You know, like when he decides to (hypothetically speaking, of course) bench a bunch of kids for 23 minutes of a 25-minute half of soccer because he's trying to win a "big game."

You know, a "big game" for his team of eight-year-olds.

Or, again, totally hypothetically, a guy sends an email to an entire group of people that condescendingly explains that the email previous to his contains a "pet peeve" of his?

You know that guy? The guy who does something just obnoxious enough to end up on The List? You know, The List you keep to remind you of certain folks? We all have them and some are longer than others and some are easier to get onto and off of than others.

But what about the person who gets on your list?

Whatever happens to that guy, anyway?